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The Beverly Cove Improvement Association is a neighborhood, non-profit civic association founded in 1921. Our purpose is to serve as a means for Beverly Cove residents to work together in creating a safe, pleasant, and civic-minded neighborhood by drawing on the interests and talents of the membership to foster community spirit, solve problems and improve the quality of life in the Cove. All committee and board members are volunteers, proud to serve and call the Cove home.

The BCIA organization owns and maintains the Cove Community Center. The hall and grounds are the location of most BCIA events, and are also available for rental.

While the Beverly Cove Improvement Association was founded nearly 100 years ago, the name has relevance today: no matter how good it is, there is always room for improvement!

The Board
James MacNeil
James MacNeil , a Massachusetts native, who moved to the Cove with his wife Judy Chang in 2000, and now reside with daughters Sophia and Tara. Since beginning his career Read More
Andy Cohen
Vice President
Andy Cohen is a retired Federal Agent and former National Park Service Ranger. He has lived in Beverly Cove and been a BCIA member since 1998.
Ellen Faulkner
Recording Secretary
Rodman K. Forter
Trustee and Former President
Rod Forter has been a resident of the Cove for over 30 years. He is a past president of the BCIA and currently serves as Trustee of the Anna P. Read More
Judy Rich
Walter Riley
Walter Riley feels very fortunate to be a resident of Beverly Cove. Walter and his wife Lois and family have lived in the cove since 1994. Before heading to his office Read More
Tara Archer
Bill Pitman
Bill Rich
Holly Skipper
Holly has a background in non-profit operations & finance and is thrilled to be part of the Cove Community. She is an avid runner and loves spending time with her Read More

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